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The publishers of this website, Dr. Ruth Yu, M.D., Phd. and Dennis D. Burns, J.D., are avid scuba divers, photographers and boaters.  They have traveled all over the globe pursuing their hobbies and attempted to bring back images that entertain and educate.  Ruth is a molecular biologist at the Salk Institute and Dennis is an attorney with a private practice in the village of La Jolla.  They are residents of La Jolla, California.

This random collection of photographs, media, documents and links chronicles the interests, travels and activities of the website’s creators. We hope that you enjoy the images we have posted and find interesting those things in the world that we have discovered and published for your personal entertainment.  If you have questions regarding any of the information contained on this website please email us at the address located on our “CONTACT US” page and we will respond as we can.  Thank you for your patronage.

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